Dating is Back! How You Can Meet New People Today.

Dating is Back! How You Can Meet New People Today.

We may be in a golden age of dating. With dating for the last year being less than ideal, many singles are compensating by making this summer one to remember. The term “Hot Vax Summer” is being used to describe this phenomenon, but why stop at summer? It seems like with all the excitement in the dating world there has never been a better time to put yourself out there. With the Cherish dating app, there’s never been an easier way to meet singles that you connect with. Here is how you can go from isolated to coupled up in this new dating climate.

The Data Points To Excitement

According to the world’s leading married dating website, Ashley Madison, it’s not only singles that are going to be getting frisky this summer. After their site’s sign-ups soared during the pandemic, their members are reporting to be wilder than ever. In a survey of 1,768 members, their biggest post-lockdown fantasy is 35% said multi-person sex. It’s not just a fantasy either, 62% say they’re having better sex than before the pandemic.

While married people move away from monogamy, singles are moving towards it. According to a survey of 1,001 single adults by Censuswide, there has been an uptick in intentional dating. More and more singles know what they are looking for in a relationship and are striving to find that. Dating has become much more focused, with 43% of daters reporting they’ve seen a decrease in ghosting. With all that being said, we are looking forward to one of the largest dating booms we have ever seen. Will you be ready for it?

How To Get Back Into Dating

Everyone’s excited to start meeting new people again, but you may be a little rusty. According to a survey of one thousand single women from Nurx, 44% of single women are worried they are out of practice with dating and sex. To help you get back into the swing of things we’ve come up with a list of things you can do to bounce back.

Be Responsive

When talking to someone over text it’s good to be as responsive as possible. Make sure you are messaging as soon as you possibly can. Text conversations start to get fun when there is very little time in-between messages so make sure you are responsive.

Allow Yourself To Be Vulnerable

When it comes to dating everyone says to be yourself but that may be harder said than done. Know that the right person will appreciate you. Being honest and open can be refreshing on a date, especially when many singles will try to hide that vulnerable part of themselves.

Put Yourself Out There

There’s no better way to meet new people than by saying yes to new opportunities. Whether it be joining a new dating app or trying out a new hobby, being outgoing is the quickest way you can start interacting and making new connections.

Avoid Controversial Topics

While it might be tempting to talk about things that are highly relevant (i.e. COVID) it’s not always the sexiest of topics for a date. Learn about the person you are talking to, ask them questions that they’ll want to answer, and see where the conversation goes.


One of the easiest ways to make someone enjoy your company is to listen to them and ask them questions related to what they are telling you. If they got a new puppy ask them what breed, or if you can see a photo. You would be surprised how much you can stand out from the pack just by listening and responding to your date’s story.

Plan Something Simple

In the last year planning a fun date has been difficult. Maybe you had to walk through a park in the winter or go to a patio in the rain, but it is easier now. Find something simple and easy for a first date. A nice restaurant, a fun park, or something else exciting. Make sure it does not need too much planning.

Don’t Be Afraid To Message First or Ask Someone Out

Dating can be intimidating, but when you find someone that you want to date you cannot let that opportunity slip through your fingers. With the dating boom, you’ve got to be brave. Message first, ask people out, buy that cute stranger a drink. It’s time to be bold!

Join Cherish

You are not going to want to miss out on this dating boom and the best way to take advantage of the excitement is by joining Cherish! Cherish is the most authentic dating app yet. Do you know what you’re looking for? Do you want those around you to be open and honest? This is the best place to find your people. Cherish is all about telling your story, whether that be a stunning selfie, a picture of your breakfast, or how you’re feeling, Cherish allows you to meet singles in your area that you will actually connect with.

With Cherish, Dating has never been so… you™.